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Last updated on October 14, 2001

Update: Hear all these songs and more in sup-r high quality MP3 format at my page

I love pets so much that sometimes I'm inspired to sing about them. Here are three full-length songs in RealAudio format, complete with lyrics. Enjoy!

Master, by Loaf

I wrote Master about a dog I saw inside a pickup truck at a gas station. He started whimpering when his owner got of the truck. The guy had to tell him "Don't worry, I'll be back, boy!" The dog sat in the driver seat and sadly hung his head out the window- but he pepped up as soon as he saw his owner walking out of the store.

"Loaf" is me and Clint Miller. This is from our demo tape.

The Puckles Song, by Loaf

The first verse of what is now The Puckles Song is a little thing I used to sing when I fed my axolotls. Clint said I should write a whole song about Puckles, so I did. This was one of our most popular songs; anyone who listened to our tape always mentioned it. We recorded the music at normal speed and then slowed it down when we recorded the vocals to give them that chipmunk-like quality.

This is also from the Loaf demo tape.

The Smallest One, by The Second Tear

One of my first pets was a tiny Fire-bellied newt, named Dudley. He was the smallest one at the store, and he stood out because he just sat out on a rock while all the other newts were swimming around. I knew there was something wrong with him, but I brought him home hoping that I could nurse him back to health. For the first couple of days, he seemed really happy- he would play with me and he wasn't scared. But the little guy would never eat, and he wouldn't swim unless I put him directly in the water. The song pretty much tells the story. Of the songs presented here, this one is the most typical of my personal style.

"The Second Tear" is really just me. This is from a demo tape that I put together a few months before Loaf got together.


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