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Last updated September 22, 2000

The Axolotl is one of Nature's strangest, most fascinating creatures. Although they have been a staple in laboratories for some time, there is very little information about axolotls available to the public. I hope to change that here. Please let me know if you've got anything to add.

bulletAn Introduction To Axolotls - Get acquainted with the aquatic exotic.
bulletThe Axolotl FAQ - Your questions answered before you even asked them. Now insanely complete!
bulletAxolotl Or Salamander? - That is the (most frequently asked) question.
bulletCare And Feeding - How to build your tank of distinction. Now incomprehensibly comprehensive!
bulletOther Axolotl Links - Places to go, critters to see.
bulletSuggested Reading - You saw the pages- now read the books!
bulletThe Herp Hyper-Gallery - A shameless display of cute pics of frogs. (And some other stuff, too.)
bulletPictures Of My Pets - Tons o' photos, ounces o' pets! Also, hear a barking gecko!
bulletSongs About Pets - The Puckles Song in its entirety, and more!

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