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Last updated April 21, 2004

Please let me know if you've got anything to add to this list. I'm always glad to meet people who are interested in axolotls or amphibians in any way.

Axolotls as Pets

bulletAxolotls Anonymous is a free Yahoo! Group devoted to axolotls. There is a message board and chat room where you can meet other axolotl fans, plus a photo album where you can upload pictures of your pets! If you're not familiar with Yahoo! Groups, go to this link more more information: http://groups.yahoo.com/ 
bulletThe Axolotl Club is another Yahoo! Group for axolotl lovers.
bulletBubba's Axolotl Website - Captive Care and Breeding. This is a neat-looking site with original images and a lot of good information.
bulletSee Alison Raouf's nifty Axolotl Slideshow.

Axolotls in Science

bulletThe Indiana University Axolotl Colony breeds axolotls for educational and scientific purposes. You'll find a descriptive history of the colony there as well as guidlines for raising axolotls. There is some information at this site that you won't find anywhere else on the web.
bulletThere is a great picture of an axolotl in The Optics of Memory, an article about a very intriguing study into the nature of memory. This page is part of the larger Shuffle Brain home page.
bulletThe Xenopus Molecular Marker Resource. This stuff is a bit over my head, but there are some rather interesting images of the axolotl's early developmental stages.
bulletNorina is an audio visual supplier for biological materials. They sell a film about young axolotls.

Axolotls in the Arts

bulletMany visitors have written me about The Axolotl, a short story by Julio Cortazar. I have not read the story myself (I keep asking for his books every Christmas), but from the reviews that I've read and the email I've receieved it sounds pretty good. I believe that Cortazar writes in Spanish, but most, if not all of his works are also available in English. The Axolotl is included in his English-language anthology, Blow-Up: And Other Stories. Note: There is a lengthy excerpt from this story online at The Modern World. (Thanks to Alison Raouf for the tip.)
bulletMy band, Loaf, does the other axolotl song. You can hear The Puckles Song and others at my Songs About Pets page. Oh, and yes, I am aware of the irony that a band named "Loaf" should be listed in the "Culture" section.

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