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The Gallery of Little Guys!

Last updated February 22, 1999

The term "herps" refers to all reptiles and amphibians. Here are some of my personal favorites. There's some other stuff, too.


bulletSalamanders and Newts
bulletFrogs and Toads
bulletGeckos and More
bulletNews groups
bulletHerp Pet Pages

  Salamanders and Newts

Hello Sigfried! Hello Roy!
Ambystoma mexicanum

Dang! I dropped a contact!
Ambystoma tigrinum
Tiger salamander

Hong Kong Danger Duo is blowing your mind!
Cynops pyrrhogaster
Japanese fire-bellied newt.

No, it's not mink- it's gill.
Necturus Maculosus
Mud Puppy - Note: many pet stores and bait shops sell axolotls and larval salamanders (bait shops are not likely to have axolotls, of course, but they often have salamanders), calling them "mud puppies" and "water dogs." If the animal in the tank doesn't look like this, it's NOT a mud puppy!

After a relaxing mud bath, Slimy heads for the sauna.
Salamandra atra
Alpine salamander

Hello, Teenage America!
Siren lacertina
Greater siren

Frogs and Toads

It's time, baby. Time to pay the piper!
Bombina variegata
Yellow-bellied toad

Don't point that thing at me!
Conraua goliath
Giant frog - For more strange pictures and entertaining frog-related tidbits, visit Frogland.

Eleutherodactylus augusti
Barking frog

Hemisus marmoratus
Pig-nosed frog

Hyperolius marmoratus
Marbled reed frog

Mantella aurantiaca
Gold frog

Wubba wubba.
Mantella aurantiaca

Scaphiopus couchi
Couch's spadefoot

Dingadingdang my dangalonglinglong.
Xenopus laevis
African clawed frog.

Geckos and More

Woah, hot stuff, hot potato...
Coleonyx variegatus
Banded gecko

Lygosoma laterale
Little brown skink

Punxatawny Stinky rarely sees his shadow.
Phelsuma cepediana
Blue-tailed day gecko

Body weak, will strong. Must... reach... nectar!
Phelsuma ornata ornata
Mauritius ornate day gecko

Too late chummmmmp!
Phelsuma madagascariensis madagascariensis
Madagascar day gecko - This is actually my Gecko, Gumbo! You can see more pictures of him at this page.

Pigus mysterious
I couldn't help myself...

You're staring at my head, aren't you?
Sternotherus sp. (?)
Musk turtle

Hey, where's my tail?
Teratolepis fasciata
Fat-tailed gecko


rec.pets.herp - This is the place to go for tons of information about all pet reptiles and amphibians. Many knowledgable and helpful people read and post to this group regularly. An important resource. - While rec.pets.herp is concerned with herps as pets, this newsgroup has discussion about herps as subjects of scientific research. While you will doubtless learn lots of interesting things here, this is not the place to post questions about your pets. - This is a good place to find and post pictures of animals of all types. Niether of the herp groups tolerate the posting of binaries, so if you want readers of those groups to see your pictures, post them to this group and maybe post a little text message to the herp groups telling readers where they can find your photos.


The rec.pets.herp FAQ - Recent versions of this comprehensive document can always be found at RTFM. You can also find an online version at the current maintainer's web page. This document answers all sorts of common questions about what to feed, how to breed, and where to get your future pet.

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