Laurana's Morrowind Mods
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Laurana views Vivec at sunset.

Laurana is a high elf warrior who kicked butt all over Morrowind, but now that her journeys are over she's leaving some of her most prized possessions to you. Treat them well and they'll treat you well.

Last updated April 19, 2004

Laurana's Relief Belt - Laurana's Relief Belt is a constant-effect enchanted item that bestows the following enchantments upon its wearer: Feather 100, Fortify speed 75, Restore fatigue 10. Users of this belt can carry more goods, walk or run twice their normal speed, and never get fatigued. You can find the belt at the Seyda Neen strider platform. (Download here) (Backstory here).

Laurana's Swimming Ring - Laurana's Swimming Ring is a constant-effect enchanted item that bestows the following enchantments upon its wearer: Swift Swim 50 and Water Breathing. Users of this ring can swim quickly and never run out of breath. You can find the ring at the Vivec silt strider platform. (Download here) (Backstory here).

Laurana's Flight Amulet - This mod provides a constant effect amulet with Levitate 100, which basically lets you fly anywhere in the gameworld- quickly. It also includes another amulet you can put on when you're done flying. You can find the amulets at the Suran silt strider platform. (Download here)

Laurana's Opening Glove - This mod places an enchanted glove at the Gnisis silt strider platform that casts Open 100 on locked chests and doors when you use it on them. This right-handed glove comes with a matching (but not enchanted) left-handed counterpart. (Download here)

Laurana's Restoration Glove - This places an enchanted glove at the Molag Mar silt strider platform that gradually restores all eight of your primary attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality, and Luck. This left-handed glove includes a pair of matching (but not enchanted) gloves that you can don when you don't need the glove's magical effects. (Download here)

Laurana's Replenishing Ring - This mod places an enchanted ring that gradually replenishes your health, magica, and fatigue at the Ald-ruhn silt strider platform. It includes a couple other rings you can use to swap out the replenishing ring when you want its effects to cease. (Download here)

Laurana's Mage Robe - This mod places a constant-effect enchanted robe at the Khuul slit strider platform that fortifies the following attributes and skills: Intelligence, Wisdom, Alchemy, Enchant, Alteration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism. It will make you an instant hit with the Mage guild. (Download here)

Laurana's Rich Friend - This mod increases the Caldera Creeper's coffers by 45000 gold and makes him much less picky about what he'll purchase from you. Find the Creeper on the second floor of Ghorak Manor. (Download here)