Laurana's Relief Belt

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High Elf Laurana found her early days in Vvardenfell rather draining and frustrating. She couldn't carry very much, she moved very slowly, and she wore herself out every time she ran only a few yards. Often she prayed for some sort of relief from these inconveniences.

Climbing the silt strider ramp. Laurana finds some belts.

One weary day, after plodding up the ramp toward the Seyda Neen silt strider platform she discovered a common plate at her feet, atop which lay a common belt and another belt- this one glimmering with enchantment energy. The strider conductor seemed oblivious to Laurana's find, so Laurana knealt down for a closer look. She retrieved the belts and scurried behind a nearby tree to don the enchanted one.

 Laurana jumps for joy. Laurana surprises the conductor. 

Immediately she had a sensation that the burden of all her belongings- even her armor- had been lifted. The feeling was so overwhelming that she patted herself down to ensure she was still clothed, and her pockets still full. After a few moments of relishing this new lighter-than-air state of being, Laurana started back toward the strider platform. In less time than it had previously taken her to run from the bottom of the ramp to the tree however, Laurana found herself on top of the platform staring the now very confused conductor in the face! Apparently this belt had also granted Laurana the power to double the speed of her gait. It was then that she realized that the fatigue she had felt only minutes before had completely dissipated. Whereas she had previously been looking forward to being rocked to sleep on the lumbering strider ride to Balmora, she now felt she had the energy to sprint the whole way!

Laurana heads for Balmora.

With that revelation, Laurana bid the conductor good afternoon and darted gracefully down the road toward Balmora- on schedule to reach it by nightfall.