Inky's Linkies


bulletThe Axolotl Page - All About Axolotls.
bulletThe Herp Hyper-Gallery - The gallery of little guys.
bulletPictures Of My Pets - Axolotls, geckos, and a cat (oh, brother).
bulletThings That Frighten My Cat - And other curiosities.

Cool Stuff For Sale!

bulletMy wife's always got a bunch of videos, DVDs, video games, and CDs up for sale on Click here to see what she's listing!
bulletSometimes she lists especially rare items on eBay. Go here to see if she's currently got anything up for auction!

Computers & Internet

bulletAdventure Game Rankings - All the adventure games my wife and I have played, ordered from yum to yuck.
bulletArx Fatalis Braindump - A blog about my experiences and learnings playing Arx Fatalis.
bulletMy Programs - Software I've written for Windows operating systems.
bulletZanzarah Helpful Hints - Information on how to play Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal.


bulletMy page on - I used to write and record music. Electronica, Alternative Rock, Experimental, etc. I've uploaded some of my favorite personal compositions there. You can listen online or download, and it's totally free!
bulletSongs About Pets - Odes to salamander and an axolotl. But wait- there's more!


bulletAbout me - A FAQ - A brief history of mine.
bulletIdle Child - All the little songs, poems, and gags we used to know as kids.
bulletMy Favorite Things - I may not know art, but I know what I hate. And I don't hate these things.
bulletMy Photo Albums - Places I've been, things I've seen.
bulletNeighborhoods of Oregon - A suburban survival guide on the Information Cul-de-sac.
bulletNothing Can Kill The Grimace - My experiment in Blogging.
bulletWhy I Hate the Letter W - It's about time I said something. About freaking time.

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