Frequently Asked Questions About... Me.

Last updated March 11, 2000

Who's Inky?

My cat. A few years ago we moved into an apartment where no cats were allowed. At that time we sent Inky to live with my in-laws in Indiana, where he unsuccessfully stalked birds in the back yard. Once we finally got a house Inky came back home with us- but until that time, my internet handle was my own little way of remembering him. Now Inky bites us when we try to pet him and ambushes us if he thinks we forgot to give him his nightly Pounce. I recently wrote a little poem about him:

Stinky Inky, stinky boy,
Naughty pussy with a feather-stick toy,
Broom and vacuum much annoy,
But give him Pounceytreat: Yum-yum joy!


Where are you?

Hillsboro, Oregon, just a few miles west of Portland. My wife and I are recent immigrants from Northern Kentucky (just a few minutes south of Cincinnati, Ohio).

What do you do?

I am a software engineer at Intel. I specialize in systems programming on Windows platforms. I also program as a hobby. Some utilities I've written on my own time are available online.

Does your band have any tapes out?

Not officially, however we cooked up a slew of demos last year that we didn't have the energy (or guts?) to solicit, so I still have a few lying around the house. If you're real nice you can have one.

Do you have any pictures of yourself?

Well, no one's ever asked me that, but here some are anyway...

Lovin' that sweet Los Angeles air!
Here's me at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles.

Hello, hello, hello... hello!
Here's me with Erasure a few years ago.

Life is so bleak...
And here I am in my punk days. Ages ago.

May I ask you something?

Sure. Go for it...

Please remember to enclose payment. The Grimace (

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