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I recently finished playing Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal, and let me tell you it was a blast. It's a very odd game- think Pokemon meets The Longest Journey- but the graphics and sound provide a convincing, immersive atmosphere that I'd never experienced before.

The game world of Zanzarah is a huge and complicated, and the 32-page manual that comes with the game only tells you a fraction of what you need to know. Well I'm here to help. Following is some information that should give you an idea about what you need to do get to the end without spoiling the game for you.

Note: I assume that you've already read through the game's instruction manual, so I don't repeat any information here that you can read there.

bulletShopping For Spells - What the magic merchants are selling.
bulletBuying Other Items - What everybody else is selling.
bulletTraining Your Fairies - Quick ways to rack up experience points.
bulletWinning Fairy Fights - Strategies for beating your foes.
bulletCheating - How to get rich and live forever in Zanzarah.
bulletBuilding The Perfect Deck - Which fairies you definitely need.
bulletMore Information - Other Zanzarah resources.

Shopping For Spells

Every magic merchant offers selections from a different set of spells. No single merchant sells spells for every kind of fairy. Here's a list of who sells what:

Location Types of Spells
Tiralin magic shop Nature, Stone, Water, Water/Nature hybrid
Dunmore shop Psi, Water
Catacombs Chaos, Ice
Realm of the Clouds (outdoors) Air, Light
Realm of the Clouds (indoors) Light
Monagham shop Fire, Psi
Shadow Realm Chaos, Dark, Fire, Ice

Buying Other Items

You can purchase and trade for other items in the game, but the costs vary depending on where you go, and not everyone accepts the same form of payment.

Endeva Shopkeeper

Denomination: Coins
Notes: This elf won't be able to sell you anything until you help her out.

Item for sale Cost in coins
Small healing potion 5
Medium healing potion 10
Big healing potion 20
Healing herbs 15
Mana potion 30



Denomination: Coins
Note: She will sell you the Dunmore Rune for 5 crystals. She'll sell you other items in exchange for coins, though.

Item for sale Cost in coins
Small healing potion 5
Medium healing potion 10
Big healing potion 20
Healing herbs 20
Medicine 25


Tiralin Fairy Sphere Seller

Denomination: Coins

Item for sale Cost in coins
Silver sphere 60
Gold sphere 150
Crystal sphere 300


Tiralin Dwarf Money Changer

Denomination: Coins and Crystals
Notes: This dwarf charges a bit of a tax for his services, depending on what you want.

Item for trade Cost in coins/crystals
1 crystal 10 coins
5 coins 1 crystal


Tiralin Tavern Keeper

Denomination: Spheres
Notes: Most of her items are overpriced, considering that a silver sphere is worth only 60 coins to the Tiralin Fairy Sphere Seller. (Plus, the moulding magic is a waste of your money in any denomination.)

Item for trade Cost in spheres
Gold sphere 3 (180 coins)
Crystal sphere 5 (300 coins)
Garlic atomizer 1 (60 coins)
Moulding magic 1 (60 coins)


Tiralin Elf (the guy with a Pixie loose in his basement)

Denomination: Coins

Item for sale Cost in coins
Golden carrot 250
Moulding magic 40
Garlic atomizer 40
Mana potion 20


Dunmore Swamp Goblin (in the shop)

Denomination: Coins
Note: He has the best deals on some of his items. This is the place to shop for healing herbs and big healing potions, and the garlic atomizer.

Item for sale Cost in coins
Small healing potion 5
Medium healing potion 10
Big healing potion 15
Healing herbs 15
Garlic atomizer 30


Monagham Dwarf (in the shop)

Denomination: Crystals
Note: Except for the very affordable mana potion, there's nothing special about the prices here when you consider that you can get 5 coins in exchange for 1 crystal from the money changer in Tiralin.

Item for sale Cost in crystals
Medium healing potion 3 (15 coins)
Big healing potion 4 (20 coins)
Mana potion 3 (15 coins)
Medicine 5 (25 coins)
Moulding magic 4 (20 coins)

Training Your Fairies

By the end of the game, you will need to have at least 3 or 4 level 59 fairies in your deck in order to beat your foes. Here are some things you can do to rapidly beef up your fairies to get them ready for the final battle:

bulletFairies don't have to actually fight in order to gain experience points in battles- they just have to make an appearance. After a victory, experience points are divided evenly between all surviving fairies. So, if you have a really weak fairy you're trying to train, make her the first one in your deck. Begin the battle with her, and then immediately switch to a fairy with more fire power who can better dispatch the enemy. Both of your fairies will benefit equally from the fight. (Note that fairies who reach 15,000 experience points can't gain any more after that, so they are the exception to this rule.)
bulletIf you can afford it, use the Dunmore trainer. It costs you 60 coins per fight, but he has two fairies, and they're tougher than the one that belongs to the Endeva trainer, which means means more experience points.
bulletThe number of experience points required to reach the next level increases with every experience level. At first your fairies will reach a new level every time they win a fight, but once it starts taking longer, you should start using golden carrots. They're expensive, but once you start pushing the higher levels they're worth every coin, by gum. (Plus, if you use the gold cheat, the carrots are virtually free!) When I needed to build up my deck fast, I would give a golden carrot to every fairy who was more than 30 points away from reaching the next level. I'd start a fight with the Dunmore trainer and make sure that every one of my fairies at least got a chance to flap their wings a bit during the mayhem. I spent maybe 3 or 4 game playing sessions doing nothing but that and it really paid off.
bulletA defeated fairy gets no experience points. Don't let a fairy die just because you're waiting for the next one to come out. Always try to bail them out before they receive a death blow.
bulletReplenish mana during training, as needed. Your fairy is rewarded with mana each time she advances to a new experience level, but it's not always enough to finish the next round. And you never want to get into a situation where fairies have to start draining life energy in order to finish a fight.
bulletDon't use fairies with 15,000 experience points in fights unless you have to. Once a fairy gains 15,000 experience points (level 59 and sometimes 60), she can't gain any more, and employing her in a fight will just steal experience away from your other fairies who are still developing. During the fights near the end of the game, you'll need every fairy in your deck- but until that time, let your inexperienced fairies learn.
bulletAfter your fairies are completely trained and can't gain any more experience points. Fighting random fairies who attack you in the woods or wherever are just a waste of time. Keep a ton of garlic atomizers on hand to assist in shooing them.

Winning Fairy Fights

bulletAs a rule of thumb, you should bail a fairy out of a fight before it looks like she needs it. Your foes have no problem getting a few good shots in while you're busy paging down to select the next fairy to send out, and some of the fairies you fight near the end of the game can pack a super punch. 
bulletGet the most out of every shot. Each shot you fire takes away one offensive mana point for that spell. You may as well get your money's worth and fire full-strength salvos instead of wimpy half-hearted ones. Charge up the spell until you hear the big drum hit and then let 'er rip. After you hear the sound, don't hold the spell for more than two seconds or it'll injure your own fairy- just shoot it and start charging up another. Since you never want to get caught in this situation where you have to waste a fully-charged spell, you should try approach your opponent before you're completely charged up.
bulletIf you fire a fully-charged shot at a fairy and you see the "Ineffective" message, hit that middle mouse button and switch to your backup spells. If you get the same results, switch to a different kind of fairy.
bulletNever forget about those backup spells- the ones you buy from magic merchants are usually better than the ones your captured fairies come with.
bulletBe careful what you do after a victory. You usually have a few seconds to collect coins after beating your opponents before the experience points get tallied up. It is still possible at this point for you to die by falling off of the fighting stage, or to flee by flying into the light. If either of these things happen before the fanfare begins, you will lose the fight and forfeit your points!
bulletKeep moving. Use your jump abilities often to avoid being hit. Use your training sessions to practice difficult moves. It's sometimes tempting to just tail a powerful enemy really doggedly and just fire away as soon as you're charged, but you can sustain a lot of unnecessary damage doing that, when you could be hiding just around a corner or just behind a wall waiting to pounce.
bulletIf your aim is to capture a fairy, don't use your most powerful fairies to beat them down. Eventually you'll have fairies who can kill an aggressor with a single shot, which will prevent you from capturing the little bugger. Also, once the "Capture The Fairy" message comes up, stop firing and switch to the fastest fairy in the deck (who still has some hit points left) to swoop in and grab the fairy before she flees. Even though the fight's over in your eyes at this point, your opponent doesn't feel the same way, and she will keep firing at you til she's taken- dead or alive.
bulletReplenish the mana and life energy of your fairies at all times. You never know what's going to jump out and fight you. Whenever your fairy reaches another skill level her health is restored and she gets some (but not always all) mana restored.


There are some things you can do to make life a little easier. I used the gold cheat to buy a bunch of golden carrots to assist in training. I actually didn't use any of the others. Don't read this section if you don't want to be tempted!

Here are some codes that you can type at any time during the game (except during fights or when a menu is open), and what they do. I have heard that the health one works during fighting, but I never tried it myself.

Code Effect
gold Gives you 1,000 gold coins
crystal Gives you 500 crystals
health Completely heals all fairies in your deck
deckon Allows you to alter your deck without having to go to London

Also, I have read about a "console" cheat that supposedly lets you instantly win fights and obtain special objects. I know that this cheat definitely does not work on my version of the game, which says Ver. 1.010, Release, German when it starts up. (Which is weird because my game was all in English.) You can find information about this particular cheat around the web.

Building The Perfect Deck

During the final fights of the game, you can use any set of fairies you like. But in order to reach the end, you will have to find (or create) the following fairies at one point or another in your quest:

  1. Stone fairy (any kind)
  2. Nature fairy (any kind)
  3. Air fairy (any kind)
  4. Suane (light fairy)
  5. Segbuzz (chaos fairy)
  6. Psi fairy (any kind)
  7. Fire fairy (any kind)
  8. Pix (happens to be a fire fairy)

More Information

Here are some good places to look for more help and information on Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal:

bullet(Unofficial) Zanzarah HomePage. A very nice looking site with a good walkthrough, plus some helpful lists, like where to find specific fairies.
bulletZanzarah Walkthrough. Not as detailed as the other one, but provides screen shots, and should still be some help.
bulletOfficial Zanzarah Home Page. Screenshots, downloads, and general information.
bulletOfficial Zanzarah Forum. German and English forums. This is the best place to find timely information about the game.
bulletZanzarah: The Hidden Portal at GameTalk. Another forum where people share hints about the game.