The Smallest One
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The Puckles Song
The Smallest One

by The Grimace, 1994

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You were the smallest one
You made me laugh with your solemn expression
You used to stand alone
Perched on your rock waiting for something to happen
But... nothing ever did
And you never moved
Unless I made you
No, not unless I made you

Remember the way I used to take you away
And make you walk on my fingers?
So light in my palm
Like you weighed nothing at all
The memory lingers
Why did you never swim?
Why didn't you go in-
to the water?
Why did you never bother?

You were my favorite son
It made me proud to think that you were my friend
We could have had so much fun
You were the smallest,
You were the smallest one

It's hard to think of a time
When I was sadder than the day that I found you
I'd prayed that you would be fine
But you got worse and there was nothing I could do
I stared at you in my hand
For a long time in hopes that you would breathe, but
You had already gone
You were the smallest,
You were the smallest one