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Earthy and Ernie!

Last updated February 22, 1999


Nice wallpaper. What is this, a circus tent?

Seth is a Gold dust day gecko (scientific name: Phelsuma laticauda laticauda). He is so tiny and jumpy that it was very difficult to get even a crummy picture of him. I hope to catch him in better light some day to show off his beautiful colors and intricate design. Gold dust day geckos are named for the tiny, bright yellow dots on their backs.

I am Orange Julio. Are you looking at me?

Seth is so little that I had to enlarge this picture 300% to show off the sky blue rings around his eyes. I named him after George Clooney's character, Seth Gecko, in the movie From Dusk Til Dawn. Despite my Seth's runtiness (he is about one fifth Gumbo's size, full grown) he is a skilled and fierce hunter. He catches crickets much more quickly than Gumbo. No one competes with Brak in this department, though.


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