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Potty Cleaner
Note: This gag could be interpreted as being ethnically insensitive. Please understand that we are presenting it here simply because it is a record of our past. We do not intend to imply that the maintainers of this site espouse or condone racial stereotypes in any way.
Contributor The Grimace
Region Cincinnati, OH
Notes We did this at Grace Lutheran.
Rating Silly, gross.
1. Hold your hands like this and tell your subject, "Open the refrigerator." fridge01.jpg (24582 bytes)
2. Subject opens the fridge. You say, "Now pull out a Coke." fridge02.jpg (47843 bytes)
3. Subject retrieves a tiny Coke. You say, "Now take a drink." fridge03.jpg (39376 bytes)
4. Subject enjoys the miniature soft drink. You say, "Now put the Coke back." fridge04.jpg (62944 bytes)
5. Subject returns the Coke. You say, "Now close the fridge." fridge03.jpg (39376 bytes)
6. Subject closes fridge. fridge05.jpg (30228 bytes)
7. You push up the corners of your eyes and sing Me Chinese. fridge06.jpg (40937 bytes)
8.Subject feels very foolish. fridge07.jpg (29199 bytes)