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Here are a few places where you can find more songs, poems, and various juvenile silliness.



The Child(ish) Ballads This is Kay Shapiro's contribution to the effort to keep kid songs alive. Lots of grade school and summer camp tunes, and numerous variants.
Poop Rhymes, Riddles, and Sayings If it has to do with doo doo, you can find it here. Part of Heptune, a Guamanian site with tons of other interesting and silly stuff.
Favorite Songs Here's a great list of songs popular with Girl Scouts. From Troop 1440, in Wakefield, MA.
alt.folklore.urban One contributor found a bunch of good stuff in this newsgroup. She especially recommends the thread called "Where do 4th Graders get their jokes?
The Bad Girl Anthology of Filthy Schoolyard Songs A treasure trove of naughty songs, many of which I'd never heard before. Beware- like the name says, many of them are indeed filthy! Just one small part of Tiki Fish.