Potty Cleaner
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Potty Cleaner
Contributor The Grimace
Region Cincinnati, OH
Notes We did this at Grace Lutheran.
Rating Silly, gross.
1. Hold your hands like this (note that the thumb of your lower hand should stick out a little) and say, "Lift the lid." potty01.jpg (18127 bytes)
2. Subject lifts the lid. You say, "Swirl your finger around inside." potty02.jpg (50871 bytes)
3. Subject swirls finger. (Note, kids who do this gag aren't aware of the naughty implications of this gesture.) You say, "Now close the lid. potty03.jpg (35868 bytes)
4. Subject closes lid. You say, "Now push the lever." potty04.jpg (38968 bytes)
5. Subject pushes the lever. You say "Woosh!" potty05.jpg (45027 bytes)
6. Next, say, "You just cleaned my toilet!"  mug02.jpg (90452 bytes)
7. Subject: "I can't believe I just fell for that!" potty06.jpg (44487 bytes)