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Potty Cleaner

Contributor: The Grimace

Region: Cincinnati, Ohio

Rating: Cute

Notes: Along with his inexplicably hilarious trademark exclamation, "Nookie noo," Chubby was a staple of the repertoire of Trevor Phelps, the undisputed class clown at Covedale Elementary in the early 80s. No one knows where he learned it- he apparently wasn't the originator, as I've long since discovered at least one other person who knew a slightly different version of it- but his delivery was awesome. No one else even attempted to imitate Trevor's flawless performance.

Trevor, man- where are you now? Whenever I run into someone who went to Covedale or Walnut Hills with us, your name always comes up. Heck, even my mom asks about you!

[To recite chubby, you must squeeze your cheeks forward with your hands so that your lips open up and you look like you have a fish mouth. This is crucial for the punch line, which is purely visual.]

Hi, my name's Chubby. My mom's chubby, my dad's chubby, heck- even my dog's chubby!

One day, my mama said to me, "Chubby, why don't you never smile?"

And I said, "I can smile Mama, see?"

[At this point the speaker tries to smile with cheeks still tightly squeezed.]