Hunter: The Reckoning
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The Hobbit
Hunter: The Reckoning
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
Publisher: Interplay
Year released: 2002
Genre: Action Adventure
ESRB Rating: Mature 17+ (blood and gore, violence)



Hunter: The Reckoning for GameCubeHunter: The Reckoning for GameCube Hunter: The Reckoning for XBOXHunter: The Reckoning for XBOX

What to expect

Hunter is a relatively fun third-person shooter where human vigilantes battle legions of undead. The different playable characters have various strengths and special abilities that complement those of other characters, enhancing multiplayer games. As the game progresses, players obtain more weapons and skills. The graphics are dark and creepy and the overall production is good. Unfortunately, the bosses are very tough to kill when only one or two people are playing, and unless you save all “innocents” it is quite likely that you will not win enough extra lives required to ever complete the game, because saved games remember the number of lives you had left when you saved. My wife and I gave up playing this game during the second boss battle.

What's good

bulletThere are options to control the amount of blood displayed during gameplay and whether players can inflict friendly fire on each other.
bulletInteresting control options that let you run in one direction and shoot in another.
bulletThe different abilities of the characters encourage real teamwork.
bulletPlayers can restore health and mana by picking up little spheres that sometimes appear where enemies are dispatched. If a player with full health or mana touches the respective sphere, the sphere will not be consumed- leaving it for players who need it.

What's bad

bulletThe game is not well tuned for different numbers of players; it is significantly harder for one or two players to get through than it is for four.
bulletBosses are extremely hard to kill, requiring many hundreds of shots to take down. This makes boss battles extremely tedious.
bulletYou can only save your game after completing an entire level. There are no mid-level checkpoints.
bulletSaved games also retain the number of lives each player had remaining at the time of the save. When saved games are loaded, players only have that many lives left until they save more “innocents,” who are often hidden in regular levels and are not available during boss battles.

Multiplayer info

Max. number of players: 4
Multiplayer format: Simultaneous, single screen
Story mode in multiplayer: yes
Save game in multiplayer: yes
AI companion option: no
What happens when you die: Players start with 3 lives and can get more extra lives by saving “innocents” in the game. If you have lives left after dying, you can re-enter the game immediately. Game ends when all players’ lives are expended. Note: Saving the game also saves the number of lives you have left. So if all players only have a single life when saving before entering a very tough boss battle, they will continue to only have a single life remaining every time they reload the game.


Only buy this game if you plan to play with more than one companion, you have the patience to examine every square inch of all levels, and you don’t mind bosses that take over half and hour to kill.

Difficulty (from Very Easy to Very Hard): Very Hard – The general gameplay is not too difficult, but the boss battles are just idiotically tough for fewer than 3 people.

My rating (from Very Bad to Very Good): Okay

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