Yachats Oregon

We took these photos one weekend in July, while we were escaping from the noise of the air show in Hillsboro. We had a wonderful room at the Overleaf Lodge, which had instant beach access and a trail that lead all the way up and down the beach. Click on the thumbnail images below to see them full-size.

667 x 500
This is the view north, up the coast, from our balcony.

667 x 500
Our room had a jacuzzi that looked out over the trail and onto the beach.

667 x 500
Here's the view from the balcony at low tide. You can see a tiny portion of the beach trail in the lower right.

667 x 500
The sun is gradually descending towards the sea.

667 x 500
There was a tiny cave hollowed out in these beachfront basalt rocks. As the tide came in waves would flow through the little cave and spout out a few feet away from the trail.

653 x 500
I don't know what these wonderful flowers were called, but they were in lovely bloom that weekend.

519 x 500
So nice, I thought I'd show them twice.

667 x 500
Here's C.'s stab at capturing the flowers.

700 x 464
Some lovely little flowers on a trail at Cape Perpetua.

448 x 500
A jubilant C. on some rocks near the trail.

667 x 500
More of same.

700 x 393
Here is a beach at Cape Perpetua, south of Yachats.

667 x 500
Charl, seated atop some well-worn pillow basalts.

628 x 413
C. strutting around on an ancient lava flow.

700 x 525
Here I am, posing on demand. That's the Overleaf Lodge over my left shoulder.

700 x 398
Another command performance.

667 x 500
I had to step very carefully here- the rocks were covered with life.

700 x 459
The huge purple beast is, I believe, a sunburst starfish- it has more than five legs. The big exposed section of its back is soft and sticky.

700 x 418
I have never seen such a density of life as can be found on these rocks. Nearly every square inch of this picture contains hundreds of scallops, mussels, barnacles, and snails.

667 x 500
Plenty of silent black mussels and hissing, popping barnacles.

667 x 500
Here are a couple of bright orange star fish, along with some duller purple buddies, and a whole lot of clams and barnacles of different kinds.

713 x 331
I was too far away to capture much detail, but there are fifty to sixty sea lions in this photograph. Most are on the beach, right near the water. A few are swimming near the lower left. Even though they were kind of hard to see, they were very easy to hear- and smell. Nearby was the incre Cldible Sea Lion Cave, one of the biggest known sea caves in the world.

667 x 500
When we were about to leave Cape Perpetua, these weird clouds started blowing in from the north. Somehow the luminescent strangeness of them didn't translate into film. It looked more like an approaching glacier than clouds- and their reflection painted the water below white.

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