Downtown San Antonio

Last updated on August 22, 1999

San Antonio was our home base for the duration of our batty vacation. Here are some pictures of our hotel, the Alamo, and the famous Riverwalk area.

We stayed at the Crockett Hotel (named after Davy). Here's the view from outside the lobby entrance. Our room was on the first floor of the building to the right. While I expect that the rooms in the central building of the hotel (not shown) are pretty nice, our room was not.

The carpet was so filthy it literally made our feet black when we walked on it (I wore socks or sandals at all times after C. discovered this fact). We found one huge live roach in the room and I found a single roach leg in my bed! Our room was equipped with a coffee maker but it had no carafe, and the supplied coffee packet had been opened. The bathroom door didn't shut all the way. Half of the bathtub's hot water shot out of the back of the hot water handle (burning your fingers when you turned it, of course). The Water Pik shower head only worked reliably in the no-frills standard shower mode- in the other modes it behaved as if possessed by some paranormal force and was thus more creepy than comforting.

We suspect that rooms in our wing of the hotel are reserved for people who mention "triple-A discount" when making reservations.

Here's a view of the pool area outside our room.

The Alamo. Our hotel was right across the street (it looms in the background). You can see Jamie, Heather, and me in the lower right corner of this photo.

C. and me outside the Alamo, having fun in the 103-degree sun.

Jamie and Heather taking our place in front of the Alamo.

The Riverwalk is one of San Antonio's most unique features. It's one floor below street level and is packed with open-air restaurants and bars. You can also enter a number of hotels directly from the Riverwalk.

The River Center is a huge complex containing stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and a hotel. It's across the street from the Crockett. This picture shows a cul de sac in the Riverwalk. Bands often perform great Latin music on the stage at the right.

Here we all are, about to board a tour boat. C. and I tried getting a children's discount claiming to be Heather and Jamie's kids, but the cashier didn't buy it 'cause my hair's not blonde. In retrospect, I should have said I was adopted.